One-Word Resolution Vs New Year Resolutions

It’s almost the new year! Do you set New Year Resolutions? I have made resolutions for years! Have you heard of One-Word Resolution?

I remember growing up, I would make resolutions and try to get my family to make them with me too. My mom would play along with me, but my dad thought it was crazy! Ha! The only reason I made new year’s resolutions was due to the “countdown” shows. They said we should make them. I never remembered any resolutions I made at that age.

Many years later, I’m still trying to make sense of New Year Resolutions and why we set resolutions, how do resolutions benefit us and should I still make yearly resolutions?

 I set 6 goals to accomplish. I failed miserably at most of them.

I did write them down and saved them the entire year. Each time I looked at the goals, I just felt plain guilty for not accomplishing them. At the end of the year, I did not beat myself up for not meeting the goals. I did make progress toward my goals but did not meet all of my goals.

I tried something new, I set a work of the year. My word for  was “Action.”

I read about having a Word of the Year and thought having a One-Word Resolution certainly was something different. But, why just one word?

What good does a One-Word Resolution do for us?

1 – Experts say that narrowing down goals to one word keeps us laser focused and helps point us in the right direction of reaching goals.

2 – One word can’t be broken. But, a resolution can be broken. As soon as you break your resolution, you stop, give up. BUT – one word is a reminder. It’s who you want to be or an action you want to take in one word. The one-word resolution is better than goals and resolut